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Financial Planner

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Shane Fisher

Director and Senior FP

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Practice Manager

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Client Services Manager

Jen Blackley

Senior Client Services Officer

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Paraplanner/ Compliance Manager

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Managing Director and Senior FP

On the couch with Director and Senior FP, Shane Fisher

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One of the most moving experiences of my life has been…
watching my wife, May, walk down the aisle on our wedding day

The question people constantly ask me is…
how did we come up with the name Elodus?

My guiltiest pleasure is…
a vodka martini (shaken, of course) before a meal at a nice restaurant

The statement people most often make to me is…
I really should have come to see you years ago!

My secret skill is…
I’m pretty handy with a samurai sword

If I wasn’t a financial planner, I’d be…
a chef, probably a very fat chef

The single thing that would improve my life would be…
a fully automated house that cooks, cleans, washes, dries, folds clothes, feeds the cat……I’m sorry, you were saying something?

I do what I do because…
I love seeing people achieve their goals

My best ever holiday was…
5 weeks for Christmas in the UK and Europe back in 2008

It’s kind of daggy but…
I have a huge Transformers toy collection!

My clients tell me…
I explain things well, in an easy to understand language

My favourite movie is…
well, there are the 3 Transformers movies, plus the animated movie back in 1986

I love the smell of…
jasmine at the start of spring

The thing I love most about Elodus is …
the great culture and the friendships it’s helped me make over the past 8 years

The most embarrassing moment I’ve ever had was…
reaching the bottom of a water slide when my swimmers did not

A really satisfying achievement for me was…
achieving my 5th degree black belt in karate

By the time he was 34, Shane had become a partner at Elodus with a significant portfolio of successful clients. It must run in the family as Shane’s wife May is also a Director of  her own accounting firm in Toowoomba. Yes… they are one of those annoying couples!