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Wealth Creation

The biggest myth about investing is that it’s only for the rich!

This is far from true; you don’t have to be wealthy to be an investor.

Put simply, investing involves putting your savings or cashflow to work, helping you to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals sooner.  Small amounts over long periods of time will result in tremendous outcomes. This is a fact! In addition, wisely selected strategies will increase your wealth and provide you with a greater income when you need it.

What we offer

Elodus will work with you to develop a wealth creation plan that will help you achieve your lifestyle and financial goals.

We advise on all aspects of wealth creation including:

Case study

Graham, a farmer, wanted to buy another property within a five to ten year timeframe but he didn’t have enough capital or borrowing power to do it.  On our advice, he invested the start up capital with the aim of building equity.  After three years, the investment strategy had done so well that Graham and his wife decided to increase and maintain their investment rather than buy a new property.  The future is bright so they may ultimately be able to do both!

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