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Superannuation Solutions

Superannuation is the key to fulfilling your retirement dreams.

By proactively managing your superannuation assets, structure and contributions, you can effectively plan to have sufficient savings to provide for your daily living expenses plus your special retirement plans.

Ensuring you have adequate superannuation may be the difference between a comfortable retirement and one fraught with financial concerns.

What we offer

Elodus can help you put in place a plan that will assist you to be financially prepared for a comfortable and enjoyable retirement.

We provide advice on:

Case study

A professional couple in their mid-fifties, Angela and William would like to retire in 7-8 years.  They have healthy incomes, some money invested and they pay a considerable amount of tax.  We worked with Angela and William to put together a superannuation solution that would provide them with a much more comfortable retirement.  We prepared a financial plan that included salary sacrificing and the realisation of ordinary money investments to bolster their cashflow.  As a result, we were able to considerably lower their tax burden.

The strategy allowed their cashflow to remain constant despite the salary sacrificing arrangement.  Through the use of regular reviews the strategy will now be managed to suit their ongoing cashflow and retirement needs.

The use of transition to retirement pensions will now be possible due to the level of superannuation that will be in place following the implementation of these strategies.  This means Angela and William will be able to access their superannuation while still working.

With the introduction of the new superannuation laws, Angela and William’s retirement future looks even better and they now have peace of mind that their retirement is on track.

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