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Debt Management

While most of us prefer to concentrate on what we own rather than what we owe, debt is perfectly normal.

It has become an acceptable part of the modern world in which we live.

Considered a “necessary evil”, without debt it is unlikely that most of us would ever be able to purchase our own home or a car.  Of course it has to be managed prudently and with caution.

What we offer

Elodus can help you actively manage and review your debt position and liabilities to ensure you are not paying any more than you need to.  We can assist you to compare the different lending products available and help you understand the different terms, conditions, options and interest charges that apply.

In addition, we can show you how to use debt pro-actively and securely to increase your wealth and better plan for your financial future.

Case study

Darren and Vicki had $10,000 in a small investment portfolio and $500 available from their cashflow on a monthly basis.  A similar lump sum was borrowed from a specialist lender with security only taken over the investments.  In addition, a regular gearing facility was commenced whereby the clients’ monthly contribution was also matched by the lender.  Over a three-year period, Darren and Vicki have increased their contributions (without impacting their lifestyle) to the point where, with growth and compounding, they now have an investment with a net value of over $40,000.  Coupled with repaying non-deductible debt, superannuation advice, insurance and budgeting assistance, their whole financial position has changed for the better.

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