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Ladies, don’t let a lack of confidence in dealing with money hold you back from reaching your financial goals this year.

New evidence suggests Australian women are increasingly gaining confidence in dealing with money. The majority of women share household money matters with their partner, while 27% of women make most of the financial decisions for the household on their own.

Despite these figures, only 31% of women are seeking professional financial advice, even though women who receive expert guidance are more likely be mortgage free and earn a higher income.

If you haven’t already joined the 31% it’s not too late! There’s never a better time for a fresh start than the New Year. A financial planner can help demystify financial products and legislation, and help with creating concrete, realistic goals.

Elodus Financial Adviser Melissa Castles specialises in providing women with the skills to take control of their financial destiny.

Book a complimentary first appointment with Melissa and take control of your finances in 2016.

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