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Managing Money Together by David & Libby Koch

David & Libby Koch have been married almost 39 years… these are their strategies for managing money as a couple. 1. HAVE NO MONEY SECRETS As soon as a couple is in a committed relationship they will declare their entire financial […]

Make the superannuation changes work for you

Amongst the raft of changes which swept through superannuation land on 1 July 2017, the most relevant to everyday working Australians might just be the simplification of rules surrounding tax deductibility of contributions. In short, most Australians can now claim […]

Michael’s Kokoda Trek

I landed in Port Moresby knowing this was going to be a very special experience to have with my four sons but one look at the ragged, rugged ranges had me questioning my decision to trek the Kokoda Track. We […]

How much can you afford to spend in retirement?

How much you can afford to spend in retirement is determined by a number of different factors including investment markets, your super balance and lifestyle. But is there more you can do to help yourself have a better retirement? Understanding […]

What is a TTR?

Transition to retirement income streams – How do they work? They allow you to withdraw up to 10% of your superannuation savings in the form of a pension without needing to stop work. Even if you’re nearing retirement age you […]

Michelle McGagh : My No Spend Year

Watch the TEDx Talk by Michelle McGagh about her No Spend Year

Life goals!

  Setting goals is important to living a good life. They’re a stake in the ground for what we’d like to achieve, not who we think we should be. They appeal to a part of us that’s aspirational, and aligns […]

Budget Breakdown

We realise you’ve probably been bombarded with Budget 2017 information so here’s a brief roundup of some of the key proposals that might affect your financial planning goals — whether you’re starting out in your working life, building a career […]

Braised Beef Cheek & Bay Lasagne recipe

This recipe, by Charlotte Binns-McDonald, was found in this month’s Delicious magazine… 4 x 300g beef cheeks, trimmed 1 cup plain flour, seasoned ¼ cup olive oil 2 red onions, chopped 4 garlic cloves, crushed 2 thyme sprigs, leaves picked […]

The Generation Gap

From Gen Y to Gen X to the Boomers, are attitudes to finance really that different between the generations? The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) recently surveyed over a thousand Australians aged 20 to 65 and found a surprising […]

Build your super or pay off your home?

Super Contributions versus Home Loan Repayments. When it comes to deciding between super and your home loan there’s a lot to consider. If you’re paying off your home loan but you also understand the value in building up your super, […]

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Superannuation changes on the horizon

Superannuation reform The Australian Government’s 2016 Federal Budget report and the subsequent changes that have been made to its plans surrounding superannuation reform passed through parliament house towards the end of last year. New regulations are now set to become […]

Managing your money

According to new research conducted by AMP as part of its Financial Wellness Report, less than one in two (48%) Australian’s are confident about their financial wellbeing – down from 54% in 2014. A further 25% of working Australians say […]

Look after your loved ones

Australians are living longer than ever before Recent studies show that life expectancy is sitting at an average of 82 years for both men and women born in the past decade. While we’re living longer on average, life can still […]

Trump v the market

While we don’t regularly promote the words of market commentators verbatim, we believe the article that follows perfectly encapsulates the message that Elodus has lived, breathed and reinforced over the last 12 years. We know this is true – it’s […]

Risks and Opportunities of the US elections

The US presidential election – set to conclude on the 8th November – has rapidly evolved into a fluid, fast moving landscape filled with political uncertainty. With the third and final presidential debate concluding earlier this month, opinion polls around […]

Early retirement versus working for longer

Early retirement is a goal for many Australians, but it may not always be the most wise decision. A 2015 report conducted by AMP found that the average age for retirement sits at 63 years for men and 60 years for […]

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The investment outlook – it’s not all that bad!

The past few months have seen international upheaval with the Brexit decision, terrorist attacks in France and an attempted coup in Turkey. Add to that the Australian election and a shaky twelve months for most investment markets, and you could be […]

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SuperStream Deadline Extended

The ATO has announced it will extend the deadline for small businesses to be SuperStream compliant until 28 October 2016. About SuperStream SuperStream is the way businesses must pay employer superannuation contributions to all super funds. It simplifies the process of […]